Thor God Of Thunder Reveals His Muscle Building Secret BFR Bands

Thor, a superhero film produced by Marvel Studios, starred Chris Hemsworth who recently disclosed his body building secret for his “Big Guns” to the world – BFR Bands. “Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Bands are the latest technological revolution in body building, weight loss, sports performance improvement, and general exercise. Professional and amateur athletes have recognized the benefits and advantages of using these devices. Professional sports teams and USA Olympic teams are using them because they help generate natural growth hormone and gain muscle mass,” stated Dr. Mike DeBord, president of B3 Sciences and one of the foremost experts on BFR training, “and it does not matter what your exercise level is because BFR bands are used by all age groups from children to seniors. You can even walk in them and get the benefits of a high intensity workout.”

B3 Bands Promote Human Growth Hormone

Do BFR Bands Really Work?

Yes. The higher quality inflatable BFR bands are the easiest and safest to use. The BFR Bands are applied to the arms and legs and some air is pumped into the bands, which applies a safe and gentle pressure. The pressure restricts blood flow which slows down the available oxygen that gets in and out of the muscle. With less oxygen in the muscles there is lactic acid build up and the muscles fatigue much faster and easier. Within 1-2 minutes with light exercise or light weight the muscles feel the burn. Users should continue the exercise to achieve a fatigue level that is deeper than with traditional weights or aerobic exercise. The body responds by releasing human growth hormone. The result is people grow lean muscle and they typically lose weight. One of the benefits touted by BFR Bands is that they can produce similar or better results in half the time with little or no weights. BFR Bands promote faster muscle building than traditional exercise.

Does BFR Training Increase Strength?

Yes. Using blood flood restriction bands is a training method that “forces” the muscles to adapt. The adaptation is that they increase in muscle mass and strength.  These gains are comparable to results from high-weight, high-load bodybuilding training.

“One of the interesting facts about Chris Hemsworth’s bodybuilding BFR training and muscle growth is that he trained 3 or 4 days per week for an hour or less per session. That statistic will catch the attention of serious body builders. And there are many women who feel that BFR Bands deliver the best glutes exercise. Women love the glutes exercises but men are starting to appreciate them also,” commented Dr. DeBord, who prefers the multi-chambered, inflatable BFR Bands, “and people can use the bands and exercise anywhere and obtain good results.”

B3 Bands Build Muscle

How Do You Use BFR Bands For Glutes?

According to Dr. DeBord the BFR Bands should be positioned on the upper thigh above the hamstring muscle. This will position the bands below the glutes. The blood flow restriction bands should be moderately tight while allowing normal body movement.  If the the BFR bands become uncomfortable then they are probably too tight and some of the air should be vented from the air chambers.

The glutes, or gluteus maximus, are located at the back of the hip. They are the largest muscles in the human body and are sometimes referred to as the buttocks. They are the primary muscle that enables humans to stand, walk, and climb inclines or stairs. In more technical terms, glutes allow hip external rotation and hip extension.

A squat is a strength exercise that primarily involves the glutes. In addition to shaping the glutes, squats also strengthen tendons, bones, and ligaments around the leg muscles. Squats are a good foundation exercise for body building and helps build core strength.