The Best BFR Bands from B3 Sciences

“The Best BFR Bands (Blood Flow Restriction Bands) are designed and constructed with high quality concepts to deliver many, many hours of benefits,” stated Dr. Mike DeBord, president of B3 Sciences, Inc. “Quality design and quality construction are what separates the best of any product from the ‘also-rans’. Blood Flood Restriction Bands are such an important part of any BFR workout or BFR physical therapy session that it is critically important to use high quality BFR bands.”

Best BFR Bands

Do BFR bands really work?

Yes. Every month there seems to be another study or testimonial about Blood Flow Restriction Bands. Some of the US Olympic teams are using BFR bands during training. Professional football and soccer teams are using BFR bands to improve physical performance and to speed recovery from injuries. BFR Bands have arrived and they are becoming permanent tools for athletes and ordinary people who want better workout results in less time. 

Blood Flow Resistance training (BFR or BFRT) is also referred to as BFR occlusion training. The BFR Bands wrap the arms or legs during exercise or strength training. The bands limit blood flow to the arm or leg muscles and put the muscles under considerable stress. The result is that the muscles adapt, get stronger, and in the process produce natural growth hormones. Natural growth hormones have multiple benefits for the human body including an increase muscle mass, a reduction in the amount of body fat, faster healing, and overall better health. To learn more about BFR bands work, click the video below.


What Should I Look For In BFR Bands?

The first thing to look for in BFR Bands is quality. Low prices usually equate to low quality. The design of the bands is one key. BFR bands restrict blood flow, they do NOT cut it off completely. Avoid products that are tourniquets – tourniquets are used for major traumatic injuries. High quality BFR Bands have multiple chambers that make it almost impossible to completely cut off blood flow by accident or intention. The materials of the BFR bands should be durable and water-proof to repel both sweat and water when swimming. BFR bands should also be available in different sizes for all age groups.  And finally, BFR bands should have a mechanism to easily and accurately increase and decrease the pressure being exerted by the bands.

Best BFR Bands from B3 Sciences, Inc

Are BFR bands bad for you?

“I have seen and read about the misuse of some of the lower quality BFR bands and tourniquets that are being marketed as BFR bands.  Some of these devices are very narrow in width and apply too much pressure on a small area of the muscle which can be painful and risk injury. Other tourniquet-like devices, such as belts and straps that you can purchase online, are simply not BFR bands and should not be used as such. Additionally, I have read about training protocols not being followed. A lot of the misuse boils down to common sense.  Finally, BFR should not be painful. If the device is causing the user pain, then they are probably using an inferior BFR device or simply not following the directions, and they should stop what they are doing,” stated Dr. DeBord.

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Why is BFR bad?

BFR is NOT bad. BFR bands have been studied and tested in a variety of countries and under a variety of conditions with both athletes and non-athletes. The results are overwhelmingly positive. Professional and Olympic athletes are using Blood Flow Restriction Bands for training and injury rehabilitation.  Physical Therapists are using BFR bands with their patients because they don’t require lifting weights and can be done in less time. BFR bands, like any piece of exercise equipment, can be misused.

Leading Causes Of BFR Band Misuse

  • Low quality bands that apply too much pressure to a small area of the muscle
  • Using tourniquets – they are not high quality BFR bands
  • Failure of the user to follow instructions
  • Failure of the user to use common sense

Do BFR bands work for butt?

BFR bands deliver a marvelous workout for the glutes. Everybody wants a nicely toned bum and women have been particularly impressed with the results from BFR bands for glutes. Blood Flow Restriction training for glutes doesn’t occlude the glutes directly. However, the BFR bands are placed on the upper thigh between the hamstring and the glutes, which basically creates an isolation exercise for the glutes. Consistent glute workouts with BFR bands will increase both strength and muscle size in the glutes and legs.

Dr. DeBord is the President of B3 Sciences, Inc. His company specializes in providing easy to follow videos and lifetime coaching to his customers and clients. “Once people experience BFR Bands, they rarely go back to the old, long and hard way of exercising!”, he stated.