How Athletes and Actors are Building Massive Muscles with BFR Bands

How Do You Gain Muscle Fast?

"Most people who are exercising want to know how to build muscle fast and BFR Bands (Blood Flow Restriction) is a new technology that can release growth hormone and build muscle fast in kids, seniors, men, and women," stated Dr. Mike DeBord, President of B3Sciences, Inc. "BFR Bands are increasingly being used by serious body builders and athletes because they produce natural growth hormone and muscle growth more rapidly. This technology started in Japan over 50 years ago and recently was introduced to our USA Olympic athletes. Now, thousands of everyday people are experiencing a whole new way to exercise in a fraction of the time and with little or no weights involved."

Building muscle fast usually meant lifting heavy weights. What is known now is that the heavy weights are producing circulating lactate or what is usually called Lactic Acid. When weight lifters exercise they feel the burn or lactic acid and are usually sore the next day. However the muscles grow and get stronger. This happens because lactic acid stimulates the release of natural Growth Hormone after exercise, which in turn causes the body to adapt and the muscles get bigger, more toned (ladies love this), and stronger.

"With BFR Bands people can accomplish the same benefits with light or no weight. The BFR Bands simply slow down available oxygen that gets in and out of the muscle. With less oxygen in the muscles they fatigue much faster and easier. Within minutes with the light weight, or walking, or riding your bike, people feel the burn and then the effect of the Lactic Acid. After using the Bands for as little as 5 minutes the body is releasing its own human growth hormone. Most people notice they build muscle as fast as lifting heavy weights and in some cases every faster," commented Dr. DeBord.

Do BFR Bands Work?

Absolutely says Dr. DeBord, who is a user of his own specially designed BFR Bands. There are over 500 studies, papers, case studies and reviews that overwhelmingly document that Blood Flow Restriction is not only safe, it may actually be better than any exercise technology that has been discovered. Well designed BFR Bands are flexible and easy to use. The goal is to force the muscles into a quick and deep fatigue, which results in the positive changes in the muscles. Mountain climbers at high altitude fatigue quickly because there is less oxygen for their lungs. The same things happens with the major muscle grouping that are utilizing the BFR bands. The USA Olympic Teams are using BFR Bands because they work.

BFR Bands are placed on your arms and legs and then inflated with a manual pump. The constriction slows down the flow of oxygen and blood in and out of the muscles. With less oxygen the muscles fatigue much faster and much easier. The body creates lactic acid fast, which causes the "burn" felt in the muscles. It is like doing a more difficult exercise with less or no weight.

Benefits of Exercising With BFR Bands

  • Build Strength and Muscle
  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Up Muscles
  • Brain Health
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Health
  • New Levels of Athletic Achievement
  • Rehab Better

B3 Bands promote hormone growth

 Is A 30 Minute Workout Enough To Build Muscle?

30 minute workouts become 20 or even 10 minute workouts with BFR Bands. BFR exercise sessions stimulate human Growth Hormone, build muscle, cause the body to burn fat and lose weight, and build strength. BFR Bands promote a bigger release of Natural Growth Hormone which allows users to exercise and build muscle fast, and in many cases bigger muscles than with heavier weights alone.

How Growth Hormone Affects Muscle Development

How Does Growth Hormone Affect Muscle Growth?

Lactic acid or "burn" stimulates the release of Growth Hormone after exercise which in turn causes your body to adapt fast. Human growth hormone stimulates protein synthesis in the muscles being exercised. This protein synthesis results in muscles getting bigger or what some people understand as "building back bigger" after strenuous exercise such a heavy weightlifting.

B3 Sciences is leading the way in helping everyone from 8-90 years old exercise a whole new way with BFR or Blood Flow Restriction exercise. Their B3 Bands are the only multiple air chamber Bands that have been proven to be safe for the cardiovascular system. B3 Sciences provides coaching and a BFR Certification course online.