B3 Consultant Opportunity

Become a B3 BFR Coach


We Need Coaches in Your Area!

Bands are growing fast across the USA!

Athletes, Doctors, Trainers, PTs, ATCs, busy Moms and Dads, and people who like to exercise are all starting to hear about BFR. They need a Coach in their area to assist them.

This presents a unique opportunity for people who love the Health & Fitness world, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. With our Coach program we will provide you easy to follow Success Training to assist you in launching your own Business within minutes of joining.

Becoming a Coach includes:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Personal Set of Bands + Gear + Nutrition Product
  • Personalized BFR Fitness Program
  • Your own Personal Coach to assist you
  • Marketing system + Personalized websites
  • Success Mentor-ship Training
  • Access to BFR Certification Course
  • Optional $0 Down / 0% Interest for 6 Months

Optional Founder Program:

  • We are accepting a limited number of Founders
  • Founders receive additional exclusive benefits

'I Look Forward to helping you get into the best shape of your life with a whole new way to exercise. For some of you, this will be a Financially rewarding business that could pay you for a Lifetime!'

Dr. Mike DeBord, President & CEO

How You Earn as a Coach

Coach and start sharing BFR with the people you care about. Sharing is easy:
• In person, give them a short demo with the bands
• Share the link to the your Website using your B3 Share App
• Post your Story and Website on your social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tweet it.

Every Coach that joins your network and purchases products ... you earn Commissions:
• When they re-order fitness nutrition products each month
• When they re-order Bands
• When they refer new Customers and Coaches that purchase Bands and Products

This Duplication Process can duplicate down 8 Levels in your  Network!

Once you start sharing, you will create your own growing Network!

By simply joining as a Coach and then sharing , you can earn spare time, part time, full time, or even lifestyle income!

Go here to learn more about the B3 Compensation Plan