Founders Club


Exclusive Membership for Financial Freedom

 is offering an exclusive Membership in  Founders Club to a select group of 1000 new  Consultants.

The First 1000 Consultants that reach Tier 1000, will be given the title of  Founders.

 Consultants can earn income 10 different ways:

  • Retail Customer Web Sale Bonus
  • Retail Customer Direct Sale Profit
  • Retail Customer Achiever Bonus
  • Professional Customer Sale Bonus
  • International Customer Sale Bonus
  • New Consultant First Order Bonus
  • New Consultant First Order Team Bonus
  • Network Commissions
  • Network Expansion Commissions
  • Rank Luxury Bonus

Plus  Founders Club Members additional income exclusive to the Founders Club :

  • Eligible for share in Founders Club Pool 2% of monthly Company Sales

 Founders Club Members receive additional benefits  exclusive to the Founders Club :

  • Early Placement in the  Tree
  • Lifetime Title of Founders Club Member
  • Special Recognition at Corporate Events
  • Founders Club Members VIP Reception at National Events