Dr. Mike Bio

Dr. Mike DeBord, a former chiropractor who owned his own Chiropractic and Performance Center for 15 years, was introduced to BFR bands in 2014, experiencing a profound improvement in his health and fitness. Inspired by the transformative impact on himself and those around him, he recognized the need for better exercise solutions for everyone, leading him to establish B3 Sciences in 2019.

Dr. Mike is internationally recognized as a foremost expert in BFR, with unmatched experience spanning 9 years of practical use, research, and review of over 1000 papers, studies, and peer reviews. He possesses comprehensive knowledge of the entire BFR industry and has spent 6 years educating clinics, physical therapists, doctors, and athletic trainers on effective BFR implementation.

Additionally, Dr. Mike serves as a consultant to various sports teams at the high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional levels. He conducts nationwide BFR Certification courses catering to health professionals, trainers, athletes, and individuals across all 50 states.