BFR Bands Used in Therapy and Rehab

Trusted by Physical Therapists and Rehab Centers

turns Rehab into High Intensity Exercise

Bands creates a reduced Oxygen in your Legs & Arms when you do Rehab:

  • You still use light loads, but you fatigue Faster
  • You fatigue Deeper than is possible without the Bands
  • The fatigue stimulates a Growth Hormone Surge
  • Growth Hormone stimulates Functional Change and Healing

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Safe for Light Exercise & Rehab

Exercise: Walking


  • These findings suggest that at-risk populations can perform BFR without fear of overt cardiovascular risk.

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Safety Study Yoga

Exercise: Yoga


  • We found that there were no further elevations in arterial blood pressure and myocardial oxygen demand when    / B Strong Bands were added to yoga practices.
  • Our findings indicate that / B Strong Bands can be applied to yoga while avoiding unfavorable hemodynamic responses and preserving the intended effects on muscle hypertrophy.

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