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B3 Nutrition Products | Optimal Health and Performance

Our Nutrition products utilize modern technologies in powdered product formulation.

Our Manufacturing team has over 100 years of product formulation and manufacturing experience.

We quickly realized the overwhelming benefits of making our products with the finest powdered ingredients available anywhere. Now we are confident that our products are of the highest quality.

You are going to love the taste and the results!

Dr. Mike DeBord
CEO and Founder
B3 Sciences

Why Powder?

No Preservatives
Preservatives are not only harmful to your body, they reduce the effectiveness of the supplements they are added to. This is the most important reason we choose powder for our products.

Unique Combinations
By using powders, we can mix ingredients that would normally not mix together in liquid. This allows our team to design unique formulas that are very effective and exclusive to .

Once you store ingredients in liquid and seal them in a bottle or can, they immediately begin to lose their nutritional value.  Ready to Mix powders remain in their most natural state which ensures maximum absorption.

Powdered vitamins have a longer shelf life than liquid supplements due to the process of vitamins breaking down when placed in liquid. Plus, nutrient-filled liquids are a haven for bacteria.  powders stay fresh longer which ensures maximum effectiveness.

No Gelatin Capsules
Gelatin is a common ingredient in cosmetics, food products, and medicines. Gelatin is formed from the boiled bones and skin of cows and pigs. Once boiled, a gel like substance is formed and cooled down to expand. This expanded gel substance is then used to create capsules. Some of the dangers of gelatin capsules include: Indigestion/burping, Upset stomach, Bloated stomach, Allergic reaction or hypersensitivity and exposure to toxins.

Our products were designed to be used anywhere including home, work, travel, at the gym, etc.  All you need is water and a shaker cup, and you can enjoy your favorite  Nutrition Product.

We create wonderful flavors that everyone can enjoy because  products are fresh, preservative free, and remain in powdered form until mixing with water.

Future Nutrition Products

The Science Advisory Board along with our manufacturing team has already been researching new products for our  RTM line. Future categories include:

Pre and Post Workout

Elite Athletic Performance

Immune System SuperFood

Kids Formulas

Women’s Formulas

Senior Formulas

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