B3 Member Benefits

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1 – Personal

•Wholesale discount on future purchases
•Extend your BFR Coaching to 1 year (From 30 days)
•Work with B3 BFR Coaches to personalize your B3 Bands Program
•Choose from Lose Weight, Tone Up, Build Muscle, Perform Better or Custom Plan
•Access to Live Workouts & B3 Library of over 100 Workouts
•Personalized B3 Mobile App.

2 – Professional

•Professional Customer Pricing
•Doctors, PTs, ATCs, Rehab Centers, Gyms & Personal Trainers
•Consultations for customized training programs
•Professional training for your staff or team
•Access to current and ongoing BFR research, studies and results
•Access to the BFR 6 Hour Certification Program

3 – Share and Earn

•Wholesale discount on future purchases
•Your own B3 Website and B3 Shopping Cart
•Share B3 Bands and Products
•We will send you (5) 'What the B3' books to share
•Earn up to 20% Commissions on up to 8 levels
•Success Training on building your own B3 BFR Business
•Access to the BFR 6 Hour Certification Program

We Need B3 Members In Your Area

 Bands are growing fast across the USA!

Athletes, Doctors, Trainers, PTs, ATCs, busy Moms and Dads, and people who like to exercise are all starting to hear about BFR. They need a  Coach in their area to assist them.

This presents a unique opportunity for people who love the Health & Fitness world, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. With our  Coach program we will provide you easy to follow Success Training to assist you in launching your own  Business within minutes of joining.

How You Earn as a B3 Member

Member and start sharing BFR with the people you care about. Sharing  is easy:
• In person, give them a 'What the ' Book
• Share the link to the your  Website using your Share app
• Post your  Story and Website on your social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tweet it.

Every Member that joins your team and continues the sharing process can generate you additional Commissions up to 8 levels

Once you start sharing, you will create your own growing  Network!

By simply joining as a Member and then sharing , you can earn spare time, part time, full time, or even lifestyle income!

Go here to learn more about the Member Compensation Plan

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Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Upper Body Training